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RolStoppable said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Yes, yes, when you lose an argument be sure to claim your opponent is some sort of villain. I appreciate you leaving my arguments unrefuted though. :P

Digital =/= streaming access to a game. 

Online multiplayer games are approaching 50%? Of what? Revenue? Total game sales? Are mobile games excluded or included in that number? Are Mobas, and MMOs included? Are we going to count Fortnite, and other free 2 play games? What percentage of this number is sports titles, or revenue from MTX in sports titles that get released yearly? How are we counting games that have both a multiplayer element, and a single player campaign of at least 10-15 hours? Do they belong in the multiplayer section, or the single player section? 



The ResetEra thread has extracted the tables from Sony's financials. The information is a bit outdated because it's a year old, but the numbers for FY16 and FY 17 show a growing trend of digital sales for PS4 games. Obviously, this ratio only applies to games that are available in both physical and digital form.

As usual, XB1 data cannot be provided because Microsoft has opted to not disclose anything.

???? Fiscal year 2017 was 32% percent digital for Playstation sales (not counting digital only games of course). I'm not sure what you're stance here is. If you are saying we will be all digital by 2030, I agree. If you are saying that physical will only account for a small percentage of the market by the time PS5/XB2/Stadia battle it out (to the point where my statements over physical media wouldn't matter), then I disagree. 

But anyway, my request for a source had to do with multiplayer. 

P.S. I bet Nintendo will still offer physical copies in 2030, because they are just so old fashioned. But if Xbox and Playstation don't by then, then the point is moot. 

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true.