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Barkley said:
potato_hamster said:

So you believe in that one statement he's saying he believes that the only competition to the Google Stadia will be "next gen consoles" and not the expression of a thought that contributes to his overall thought process about some of (and not only) the competitors Google Stadia will have. JRPGfan himself later clarifies exactly what he feels Stadia's competition is, but you continue to discard this because you wish to twist this one sentence to mean more than it actually says.

This is about as clear cut example of "cherry picking" as it gets. But please, go on.

Bruh, where did this "only competition" thing come from. Literally arguing something no one ever said. The original thing started as you saying that rol was the one who first mentioned comparison to ps5/xb2 and as has been proven jrpgfan referred to the ps5/xb2 first. What has it ONLY being the ps5/xb2 got to do with anything. You said Rol was first to bring up ps5, you were shown to be wrong.

It seems I did get a bit sidetracked.

So, to clarify, the argument I should have made.

Rol was the first one that made a price comparison between the two. He seems to think that because JRPG mentioned them as competition to the Stadia my comments on the ridiculousness of the level of detail Rol assumed in the comparison of the two should have been a different argument chiding JRPGfan for mentioning the XBox Scarlet/PS5 would compete against Stadia instead. Because mere mention of next gen consoles is the same as assuming the consoles cost of ownership over six years.