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RolStoppable said:
Amnesia said:
You should remove immediately this topic or I think that some people will discover today, that there are much more WWII revisionist in this world than what they imagine...You don't want hate and agressivity here in VGC...That's not what we want. You should close this topic and we don't talk about it.
Plus in the majority of countries for users here (nearly every country actually), there are laws which makes illegal to talk about this. Once again you should just close it.

I am not aware of any country where it's illegal to talk about the holocaust and concentration camps. However, lots of countries have a tiny subset of people who admire nazi ideologies and would prefer it if the huge wrongdoings of the nazis were swept under the rug, so that one day they could say it with pride that the nazis had the right ideas.


Tell that to people have been in jail for just telling about what they had investigated.

I don't believe into the conclusion of the Nuremberg tribunal, and what is illegal is to attempt to explain why. So for me it is even more a scandal that 75 years later the jewish community has the power to extort money from the Dutch rail national service or the SNCF (the french one).

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