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gamingsoul said:
So many lefties here, hope America doesn’t end up like Venezuela and Cuba.
think whatever you like, see you at the polls.
And for those who don’t know nazi means national socialism.

1.)  There are literally 0 politicians who are proposing anything close to the systems in Venezuela and Cuba.

2.)  Just because two things sound similar or are even called the same thing doesn't mean they're all the same.  There's a huge difference from supporting medicare for all and a full blown communistic country.  A lot of people would classify Norway, Sweden as Social Democracies as a differentiating term from Socialist countries.  A socialist country would have the government or the people owning everything.  A social democracy is a capitalistic country much like what we have right now. 

There are literally 0 candidates and very few posters who are proposing anything more than the typical social democracy.  

Depending on your definition of Socialism, there's nothing close to socialism.  

3.)  The Nazi name was largely taken up as a complement to the other socialist parties.  The Nazis were very much against Socialists and Communists, and arresting them was one of the acts that was done.   

4.)  Political systems are complicated.  Even two identical systems can have very different results.  Just because two countries are capitalist, doesn't mean they have the same rules.  And it certainly doesn't mean they'll see the same success.