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mZuzek said:
kenjab said:
So the early chatter is that the Switch version of Bloodstained is NOT good. Choppy gameplay, long load times and input delays being reported so far. That to go with the graphic and frame-rate reductions we already knew about. Bummer as I really wanted this on Switch.

I wish I could be part of that chatter, but unfortunately they decided that, at 12:36 PM of the release date, the game is still unavailable.

Either way, it does seem like I'll have to do the piratebay thing. Oh well.

I had the same problem with Cuphead but I was able to do something to get it to activate, but don't know exactly what it was.  I know I went into the eShop and selected the game there to see if there was some kind of "activate" button even though I had already pre-bought it, and I think I also rebooted the Switch.  In any case, the game became active at some point during the process and I was able to start playing. 

Or it all might have been a coincidence, lol.