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Pemalite said:

The 8th gen consoles launched with 2x CPU cores reserved for the OS and background. - In the history of Consoles, the OS/Background tasks have gotten more demanding with each successive console generation.
Obviously as console generations progress there is some underlying optimizations done to the software stack, this holds true since consoles have had mandatory software updates. (7th gen and newer.)

Assuming Microsoft/Sony has auxiliary ARM cores to offload tasks is far-fetched when we have zero supportive evidence of whether that is the case.

@Bold Well lucky for Sony and Microsoft that they'll still be using the same OS for next generation ... 

The PS4 has auxiliary ARM cores in them to offload background tasks so I see no reason why Sony couldn't expand the possibility to offload the entire OS as well and the same applies to Microsoft ... 

Pemalite said:

4k is relevant now.

There are multiple consoles that have been chasing that market for a few years now.

Only 31% of the American households last year owned a 4K display. Other nations have arguably far lower penetration rates aside from possibly either South Korea and/or Japan ...

4K looks to be irrelevant at the start of next generation ... 

Pemalite said:

AMD's Notebook APU's are on an older process, AMD's notebook power management is generally shit.
And to make matters worse... AMD hamstrung their notebook graphics with DDR4 2400mhz DRAM.

They had the potential to make a fantastic all-round package that could best Intel+nVidia low-end GPU combo.

Their notebook offerings could be better, they just aren't putting the effort into it for whatever reason... They are certainly in a better position than with their FX notebook chips, but still far from ideal.

AMD has a WSA with GF so they have to keep buying 12nm wafers from them until the end of 2021 ... 

I wouldn't be surprised if AMD created their chiplet architecture just to get rid of those 12nm wafers ...