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potato_hamster said:
curl-6 said:

There were just as many people if not more claiming Switch wouldn't get any AAA PS4/Xbone games cos it was "too weak". Those were the ones who were proved wrong. As for Nintendo not caring any more about third parties than they did before, they consulted with several third parties during the Switch's development and actually complied with requests from Capcom and others to increase the system's RAM to 4GB. There are also tons of developer testimonies of how much easier Switch is to work with compared to their past systems.



Panic Button spells it out: ""We have a long history developing for Nintendo hardware, and the Nintendo Switch has far better development tools than previous generations."

Nobody has really been proven wrong yet. Everyone was really impressed that Borderlands 2 was being ported to the Vita ...until it was released, and then people realized that it was practically unplayable, and that the Vita realistically couldn't run Borderlands 2 without significant downgrades.. Let's wait until the Witcher 3 is released and we see what the actual cost in features and performance the game has paid to run on Switch before we decide whether or not it got a proper port.

As for Switch developer tools, I spoke with actual developers working on actual Switch games that weren't having their comments posted on video game journalist websites before the console was even released.

Here, let me show you what I mean.

""The tools are integrated with Visual Studio, which is new for this generation of hardware, and being able to write and debug code through VS is an enormous improvement."

So were the Wii's and Wii U's. I personally used them. I don't know what that dev is talking about.

Witcher 3 isn't needed to prove anything, the existence of Doom 2016 on Switch proved the "it can't get ports" crowd wrong nearly two years ago.

And none of what you said discounts the quotes provided from actual devs on record.