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Pemalite said:

If the OS is reserving 25% of the CPU time, that's a pretty significant impact for the consoles.

Of course performance matters. But single threaded performance+more cores is what I want most, I can use every core I can get for my workloads, if a design has fantastic single threaded performance and scales out to a high number of threads... I am an extremely happy camper.

I am not running Sandy Bridge at the moment, I still do have that system still kicking though!
I am not knocking AMD (I own multiple AMD rigs!) - Just anything less than 8 cores seems to be pretty uninspiring... The fact that a 6-core AMD chip can reach 90% of an Intel 8-core chip is just a testament to how poor Intel is doing right now, they have really dropped the ball on the CPU front.

I doubt it'll get anywhere near 25% (closer to 5% realistically speaking) and next gen consoles are guaranteed to have 8 cores with the official information we know so the discussion about consoles are especially moot in general since developers probably won't make next gen console CPU performance as the minimum standard ... 

Just exactly how high do you want to raise the standards for AMD ? Would you rather they not sell ANY 6 cores and instead start with 8 cores at $400 ? 

Even though it's not 8 cores, they're still offering compelling options and that still matters a lot even if it is uninspiring to you. They'll still be offering 8 cores at higher prices ...