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Jigsawx1 said:
curl-6 said:

"Nintendo should abandon one of the fastest selling systems in history and go third party", LMAO.

That would be suicide for them, the market cannot support three similar systems, it never has. Going head-to-head with PS5 would be the Gamecube all over again. Nintendo succeed when they carve out their own niche instead of trying to be just be another Playstation/Xbox.

it doesnt have to be as  powerful as a ps or xbox but it should be strong enough to get a good 3rd party support. The Switch would not be a worse console if it would have Battlefield, The division and a cod . I mean some rounds battlefield on a couch with a handhelp switch  would be a reason to buy it for me.

Switch is powerful enough to get third party support, it's just up to publishers whether they want to provide that support. The Switch could run COD, Activision just can't be bothered.