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fatslob-:O said:
Pemalite said:

We don't know how many Cores will be reserved for the OS/Background tasks on next-gen consoles either, might only be 6-cores/12 threads reserved for actual games, who knows?

But... It's still only a 6-core chip and thus pretty uninspiring to me... I have had a 6-core processor or better for almost a decade now.

Whatever amount will be reserved for next gen consoles, the impact of the OS will be nil regardless ... 

Also, you gotta stop thinking in terms of the # of cores. What matters in the end is performance ... 

If you want more cores then AMD are still going to offer higher end models and I doubt your old Sandy Bridge system is going to give the lowest end Matisse much of a fight ... 

If the OS is reserving 25% of the CPU time, that's a pretty significant impact for the consoles.

Of course performance matters. But single threaded performance+more cores is what I want most, I can use every core I can get for my workloads, if a design has fantastic single threaded performance and scales out to a high number of threads... I am an extremely happy camper.

I am not running Sandy Bridge at the moment, I still do have that system still kicking though!
I am not knocking AMD (I own multiple AMD rigs!) - Just anything less than 8 cores seems to be pretty uninspiring... The fact that a 6-core AMD chip can reach 90% of an Intel 8-core chip is just a testament to how poor Intel is doing right now, they have really dropped the ball on the CPU front.

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