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Chazore said:

I can translate the written article text, but not the charts. Are you able to by chance?.

All are easy enough to tell ... 

multihilos = multicore

monohilo = single core 

valores en = measured in

puntos = points 

(nano)segundos = (nano)seconds 

mejor a mayor = more is better

mejor a menor = less is better

copia = copy 

escrita = write 

lectura = read

I think we can verify with @JEMC since he's Spanish ...

Pemalite said:

Only a 6-core chip though...

Hence why there's more to come since it's only the lowest of all Matisse SKUs ...

Even if it is only six cores, it's still a pretty good deal at $200 for like ~85% of the performance of a 9900K. I wouldn't be worried about next gen at all since >80% of all Steam users (which are outliers as it is) have less then 6 cores to begin with so developers will have to aim lower for them ... 

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