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MrWayne said:
eva01beserk said:

Im not equating him to maduro, Im equating to chavez, the one who started it all. Like all socialism its all great and dandy in the beginning, as things start going south they slowly start taking from the rich then the middle class then when there is no one else to take from you get what was promised, no wealth inequality as everybody is poor now. Maduro already had a turd on his hand when it was handed to him.

The only thing missing for berni to be full socialist is the state appropriation of businesses. But like all socialism that is a last resort that inevitably end up resorting to, cuz guess what after a million examples, socialism does not work. 

You probably meant "state appropriation of all businesses", the word "all" is very important because almost all capitalist economies have some state owned businesses. The second sentence is also wrong, "state appropriation of all businesses" is the very first step in socialism and not a last resort, there is no socialism without the public ownership ( through the state or Worker cooperatives) of almost all businesses.

So Bernie missing this core characteristic of socialism in his policies is very important.


Venezuela did not started by nationalizing all the industry, they did  some at a time, and at the beginning none where taken over. When ever they needed more money cuz they destroyed the first buisnes they took over, they move on to the next one. The latest things they took over was personal homes to turn a area into a turist atraction.

The same will be with berni and the rest of the democrats runing on socialism. When its ovbious that they cant pay for it, another sector will suffer and so on and so on, just like venezuela.

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