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John2290 said:

Nice, I didn't know the food recovered health, great to know and yeah, Pro so perhaps it is that. It probably a good thing you didn't risk it if you aren't using multiple saves and double saves is something we should all be doing considering there is save wiping bugs. 

Ever since Final Fantasy Tactics, I've been doing multiple save files, whenever possible in any game I play.

And yeah, in case you or someone else isn't aware, food also permanently increase some of your stats the first time you eat them, which is why I chose the Uni Rice Bowl over the pizza. Dishes you've already eaten get a knife and fork icon next to them.

Btw here's some HP related advice that helped me survive many times.
When you see a green pixie, farm it to get its Heal shard. Get as many as you can to increase the potency of the heal, and upgrade it to make the healing faster.

Then make a Shortcut loadout that has two Rose Rings. And in situations where you're low on HP, find a safe spot with lanterns and equip the Rose Ring loadout to replenish your MP quicker while you heal. Go out of the room and then back in again to respawn the lanterns.

Also, never buy High Potions. Buy three regular potions and use them to craft 1 High Potion. (One High Potion costs the same as 4 regular potions)

And to move quicker, once you're able to dive kick (when you get Double Jump) you can cancel its landing animation into walk or another jump. So dive kick > jump forward, dive kick > jump forward, dive kick > jump forward.

Here's a demonstration:


It's the fastest way to move for most of the game.

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