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In general, what men want most is sex, and what woman want most is resourcefulness (safety). If a woman wants a man, she needs to be able to satisfy him sexually, and the more satisfied he is, the more resourceful he will become (unless he ever hits a limit). If a man wants a woman, all he has to do is be seen as more resourceful than other men, and he will get his choice of woman, and will get to make more decisions about how the relationship operates. (obviously other things come into play but they aren't near as important as the main factor for most)

A resourceful man who chooses a woman knows what he wants and is going to get it or will leave the woman because he can easily acquire another one. A sexually satisfying woman is going to get what she wants or she will leave the man because she can easily acquire another one. Both will have to compromise along the way because neither can have everything the way they would always like.

Woman and men don't just fall in love because there's 'magic in the air', they fall in love because both satisfy each other's needs, whatever those may be, and because they are both willing to sacrifice what's necessary. Love itself isn't even necessary in a relationship, especially if the point isn't to directly please each other, but to indirectly help each other in some other manner. No relationship is perfect, and no relationship is a life sentence. 

Trump conned the most powerful nation on Earth into making him President apparently. If he's one of the lower tier cons, I'd hate to see what one of the top tier is capable of.

Yes you would not want to see what a top tier con artist could do.  Do not worry, they are already in government and have been playing this game for a very long time.  Putting idiots into power has always been one of their major strengths.  The interesting part will be can they do it a second time.  The odds are good as long as Trump and the economy doesn't falter before election time.  My money is that Trump will screw it up coming down the stretch.