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JEMC said:
Hi guys!

Today I have things to do and I won't be able to make the news. And given how many of them are in any given Monday, tomorrow I'll probably only do the news from one of the two sites I usually get the news from.

That is fine! You do a ripper of a job.

EricHiggin said:
fatslob-:O said:
I'm not sure I see the deal in throwing away a relatively solid foundation because even by next generation standards in all likelihood his CPU will still be decent and then he has an option of overclocking it by adding another +1GHz clock speed which will make it very competitive with next generation systems since games still rely a lot on single threaded performance. I don't see much reason to be all that scared about 8 cores when they'll likely have ~30% lower clock potential ... (good chance that he'll still hit 60FPS for next gen since 8 Zen 2 cores clocked at 3GHz+ is a relatively high standard even in the PC space so developers will just aim lower)

Other than his graphics card or system RAM, I wouldn't touch anything else ...

Yup. I'd stick with the rig for now if it's not giving them a hard time and see what the next consoles officially end up with and what their game performance is like, and then decide what to do. If they choose to stick with this rig, a CPU OC, some more RAM, and a newer GPU would do the trick. Might as well wait a year or more on that RAM and GPU and save themselves a bunch of money. An Nvidia 2000 series or Radeon 5000 series GPU should be much cheaper around the time the consoles launch.

I say hang onto it for the time being, it still has years of life left in it.
Upgrade when you need to, rather than every time something new and shiny comes out. - Something I have started to do.