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CaptainExplosion said:
curl-6 said:

I don't understand, why would you need two Switches for that?

So that I can trade between games and get myself all 3 Galar starters.

I'm pretty sure you could do that with just one Switch, plus the usage of a thing called the internet.

In other news, I just beat Crypt of the Necrodancer as Aria. I know not many are playing this game right now, but jesus fucking christ that was HARD.

For those unaware, it's a campaign where you die in 2 hits - healing doesn't work either, because your health is actually only half a heart, what keeps you from dying in 1 hit is a potion that comes pre-equipped. You take damage by getting hit from enemies as normal, but you can also take damage for missing a beat, which means you must move in sync with the music every single beat without mistake, and anything such as trying to dig an unbreakable wall or hitting an invulnerable enemy will count as a missed beat. In addition, you can only use the dagger, aka the game's shittiest weapon, and it doesn't even allow you to upgrade to better daggers or anything. It's just the base dagger.

You can still upgrade your damage output with non-weapon items that increase your damage, and there is a glass armor that protects you from 1 or 3 hits (there are two versions of it), although it still doesn't protect you from missed beats, only enemy attacks. But, still.

I got over 40 hours of play time on this game and I'm pretty sure at least 25-30 of those hours were just this one campaign. If you ever feel like doing it, well... don't. It sucks, lol. But I'm so glad I got it done, feels good.