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They just need to work with a publisher that is less concerned about hitting release date targets. EA isn't the right fit. We.know that MS and Nintendo are okay with pushing release dates as needed. Sony probably is too, though I can't think of many examples right now. The problem is that publishers that have few other businesses with which to cover revenue and profit shortfalls from missed release dates have no choice but to push the devs to ship, whether the game is truly ready or not. MS is so huge that a missed game here and there doesn't even register on the financial statements. Sony is diversified enough to cover pretty well also. Ninty....they just seem to be able to take a long-term view. So, even though a big game delay will make a real difference in their financial results in a given quarter or year, their shareholders know that Ninty is playing the long game. So, they don't put the same kind of pressure on them as an Activision or EA may feel.