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twintail said:
Shaunodon said:

The way you worded it definitely implies they're 100% equally egregious business practices at the least, to the point where everyone who hates loot boxes but were ok with amiibo are now hypocrites apparently. You then try to say you were just making a statement based on content locked behind paywalls in general, which wasn't the only or even main problem people were criticising about loot boxes in the first place, making your whole argument a straw man.

Argue whatever semantics you like, you're in the wrong here.

What a strange take. It's a gross re-interpretation of what I said, but whatever I guess. Maybe if I had said 'when you are ok with Nintendo locking content being amiibos', you would be right. But I didn't.

I never made the the person I quoted the subject of my 2nd clause, nor did I make his opinion the subject of my 2nd clauses.

So no, there is no implied notion that ppl are hypocrites. That is just your poor misreading of my comment. 

This is the same problem that occured in the best E3 thread where you started an argument by saying that you are baffled that so many people think Nintendo's E3 Direct was great when it had so many ports and remasters. When it was pointed out to you that people are actually first and foremost excited because of the exclusive lineup, you made yourself believe that your original point still stands and made implicit and explicit statements that people who disagreed with you have poor reading comprehension and/or low standards when judging the quality of a presentation.

It's a recurring situation where either your argument or the way you present your argument is of insufficient quality. But I'd actually say that it's a combination of both.

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