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Mnementh said:
twintail said:

The only thing I was comparing was the need for money to access content. Sure, you are right they are not the same, but I never said they were. 

Well, your exact words were: "You are worried about mobile loot boxes now when nintendo locked contemt behind amiibo purchases back on the wiiu?"

So you actually compared it. Maybe you meant something different, but people here cannot read your mind, if you mean something different. So if you're being cryptic and ambiguous in your posts, you cannot expect everyone to react to what you meant, but have to endure people who answer to what you wrote.

There is no ambiguity. Comparing things doesn't mean that you necessarily equate them as being 100% the same. This is the real life nature of comparisons. if I compared Japanese ppl to South African ppl, obviously that is not a 100% sameness. It is about things that are similar between both subjects. No where in my original comment that I say that both items are the same thing. That is your misunderstanding. 

Now, if you can't accept my clarification of my comment, then there is nothing I can do for you.