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Ganoncrotch said:
Dulfite said:
I agree, Mario Party 4 will NOT, in fact, release on the Switch. Who thought it would? I mean seriously, who thinks that? It released what, 2002? Why would we get a port of that now? Who is asking for it? Do they want just a straight port, remastered, or remade? WHY?! If they were planning on launching MP4 again, then you'd think they'd do it when they do the GameCube mini, and they haven't even gotten around to doing the N64 mini. Again, I have to ask, why is this a discussion?


on topic though, no the switch will be around for a good few years to come, even if this is designed to be better played on something like a Switch pro the game "metroid prime 4" will be playable on the Nintendo Switch hardware.

Wait, what!? You're saying Retro Studios is remaking Mario Party 4?! WELL, NOW I'M INTERESTED! But still, why couldn't they remake the best MP ever, that being two? Mario Party 2 for days, bruh!