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HylianSwordsman said:
Azuren said:

Oh my god, have you been reading your own posts? You say you love Kingdom Hearts and then start posting stuff that you would have had to not play Kingdom Hearts to think.

I'm not gatekeeping, you just happened to show you're pretending to know what you're talking about. It's one thing if a casual fan was all "I think they're spinoffs because they aren't numbered". I get that mindset.

But when you claim you're a fan and that there are other reasons games are spin-offs while simultaneously showing you know nothing about the story? At this point, you either know you're wrong and are too stubborn to admit it, or you really just don't know jack about the series. 

No, I just disagree with you. And yes you are gatekeeping. And you're obsessed. I'm not going to change my mind.

No, I'm not. I'm calling you out for pretending to know what you're talking about, which you clearly don't. When you claim to know enough about something to discuss it, you can't cry "gatekeeping" when someone calls you out for either not knowing anything about it. Unless, of course, you DO know enough about it and are either being stubborn about admitting you're wrong or are simply so mentally inept that you somehow still think DDD isn't a main chapter of the story.

But I think we already got your answer in "I'm not going to change my mind".

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