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Mnementh said:
potato_hamster said:

*claims that since one of the games I listed was from EA on a point about overall third party support means my point isn't great*

*claims "sword cuts both ways" by pointing out Sony would sell more Playstations if they had Nintendo first party games... and Civilization*

*goes on some tangent about how Nintendo owners don't like PS4/Xbox games, and PS4/Xbox owners don't like Nintendo games so its fine their libraries don't have that much in common, or something*

*thinks I probably don't own a Switch because I don't like how poor the third party support is for the Switch*

Okay man. You think whatever you want to think. There's obviously no reasonable conversation to be had with you.

So you can't argue logical against my argument and decide to just claim they are unreasonable, without any basis... yeah, nice discussion style.

Your post is logically sound.  I don't even own Switch yet but know it will eventually be my next platform.  I'm just waiting for games that  I want to be released  Would I like twisted metal on Nintendo platform.  Hell yea I would but I know it's all Sony.  Problem with console is you give and take what it has to offer.  Right now Nintendo has only thing to offer to me in future.  I already have a gaming PC.  I can play all AAA 3rd party games if I wanted to.  I want to eventually play Nintendo games so eventually I will have to get a switch.