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potato_hamster said:
Mnementh said:

Well, exactly one of these IPs is actually from EA, so this is not the greatest of all points. (Also technically AssCreed is on Switch, but you mean current ones.)

But you have to see, that this sword uts both ways: Think how much more Sony and MS could sell, if they had games like Mario Kart, Zelda, Xenoblade, Pokemon and Civilization.

The basic point is: a gaming platforms sells based on the games it has. More games is always better. Some games are very popular and help more. And different games deliver for different tastes. So if current Nintendo platform owner dislike games that aren't actually on their platform it makes a lot of sense: if they would like these games, they had chosen another platform. And that current PS4/XB1 owners dislike Nintendo games makes also sense - if they would like them, they would own a Nintendo platform.

Would it be great if one platform had all games? Pronably that would also be bad, but the more games a platform accumulates, the better. Currently it doesn't look too bad for Switch. That the lineup doesn't contain stuff you like means you probably don't own one. But that doesn't change the fact that millions like the Switch - because they have different tastes than you and therefore deem different games important.

*claims that since one of the games I listed was from EA on a point about overall third party support means my point isn't great*

*claims "sword cuts both ways" by pointing out Sony would sell more Playstations if they had Nintendo first party games... and Civilization*

*goes on some tangent about how Nintendo owners don't like PS4/Xbox games, and PS4/Xbox owners don't like Nintendo games so its fine their libraries don't have that much in common, or something*

*thinks I probably don't own a Switch because I don't like how poor the third party support is for the Switch*

Okay man. You think whatever you want to think. There's obviously no reasonable conversation to be had with you.

So you can't argue logical against my argument and decide to just claim they are unreasonable, without any basis... yeah, nice discussion style.

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