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twintail said:
KrspaceT said:

Ammibo are actually far more akin to 'LOL Surprise' and Kindereggs than digital content. Also most if not a vast majority of Amiibo content are costume DLC, hardly levels or such, and you don't plop them down to get super weapons for Splatoon 

Nah, that is just defending Nintendo for allowing ingame content to be locked until the player had an appropiate amiibo. Costumes are still content.

Yeah, but your argument was to compare it to loot boxes anyway, but amiibo (if you wanna completely ignore their function as figurine, which people also purchase without anything digital) is more akin to pretty standard DLC. There is no 'surprise mechanic' hidden behind Amiibo, you know what you get: a new Mii-costume in Mario Kart, a new level in Twilight Princess remaster on WiiU, Amiibo-fighters in Smash and so on.

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