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tsogud said:
Cubedramirez said:
Simple. He's the anti-politician and people hate establishment politicians.

Everyone running against him walks and talks like they've been in government their entire adult life. Those people have had enough of the establishment political class and feel his brash nature represent their collective disdain for the typical politician.

Oh and every time someone twists his words like we've seen on this board already it reinforces the belief that his opposition is just irrational-foaming at the mouth Never Trumpers. The same way how completely insane Republicans looked during Obama's two terms.

He's going to win reelection and I am going to enjoy watching the overreactions.

Yeah he'll most likely win if the DNC supports Joe Biden like they did with Hillary but anybody who thinks he's not part of the establishment or at the very least enables its agenda is delusional. He puts in place and is regularly for corporate establishment policies. Really the only thing that's not "establishment" about him is attitude and that he's extremely blunt, to put it nicely.

Yeah. It boggles my mind how people believe of all the democratic candidates is the one most likely to beat Trump, that is most similar to the last nominee that ... lost against Trump.

I think overall this electability argument is wrong. People need policies that make their life better. It doesn't matter who and how. If people focus on electability, they get politicians that do the same regardless of party affiliation. Instead they should focus on the policies they want and push them. Even if the candidate with that policies loses in the end, the policies got more exposure and other candidates might pick them up.

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