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Thursday news, part two:

Remnant: From the Ashes trailer explores the gloomy wasteland
Remnant: From the Ashes, Gunfires Games' cooperative survival shooter, is set in a devastated world full of radiation and monstrous beasties, and in a new trailer we get a closer look at the aggressively unpleasant wasteland players will fight their way through in a couple of months.
>> And there are also new screenshots.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 will bring back Bloodlines' freaky dance moves
Nightclubs are a central component of the overall Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines experience. They're a little like hubs for each of the game's areas, but what they really bring to the table is ambiance: Music, lights, sketchy characters, bits of stickiness you don't want to think about too much, the occasional side quest, and dancing. Lots and lots of dancing.

Respawn is 'never gonna make an Apex 2'
Apex Legends is a more languid sort of battle royale than most others, at least in terms of its development. Updates come more slowly, and everything feels more deliberate: The Mozambique has famously sucked since day one, for instance, and Respawn has been happy enough to leave it that way while it figures out the best way to make it viable. (Some performance-enhancing hop-ups are on the way.)
But that's not a sign that the developers aren't thinking about the game's long-term future. In fact, executive producer Drew McCoy told USgamer that it's exactly the opposite.

Larian teases a return of Minsc and Boo in Baldur's Gate 3
Divinity: Original Sin is kind of a goofy game. We said in our review that the plot is "enlivened by Larian's knowing sense of humor," which is a nice way of saying that it's loaded with puns, silliness, men with many cheeses, and a conversation with a hard-of-hearing mayor about all the sects taking root in his town. But how will that approach carry over to the very grim-and-serious computer role-playing game experience of Baldur's Gate?

CD Projekt plans Witcher 3-style expansions for Cyberpunk 2077
The Witcher grew from a niche RPG in 2007 to a massively successful multiplatform trilogy, the final part of which was almost a trilogy unto itself thanks to the beefy (and excellent) Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions. CD Projekt sees similar opportunities to expand upon the initial Cyberpunk 2077 release: UI coordinator Alvin Liu told Prima Games that the core game will tell a complete story, but it won't necessarily be the end of it.

Bungie announces big changes coming to Destiny 2's Eververse Store
Sooner or later, every Destiny 2 player has to grapple with the age-old gamer question: Do I want to look good, or do I want to be good? For me, it was never an issue. I look good, and the numbers be damned. Today, Bungie announced some big changes coming to the Eververse store aimed at easing some of the pressure of properly stylin'-and-profilin'.

Build a camp and ride llamas in The Superfluous Sand's free alpha demo
How's your Stardew Valley farm doing? Have you finally finished tinkering with your Minecraft town, and dug every precious thing out of the ground in Terraria? You might want to take your tent and pitch it in The Superfluous Sand, a post-apocalyptic sandbox building game set in a big ol' desert (that used to be Alaska).

Take a tour of The Sims 4: Island Living
The Sims 4's latest expansion, Island Living, will let your Sims jet off to an island paradise for a holiday tomorrow, July 21, but first you can take a quick tour to get acquainted with the place in the official gameplay trailer above.

EA calls loot boxes 'surprise mechanics' and compares them to Kinder Eggs
Representatives from EA and Epic met with the UK Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee this week in an evidence session for its investigation into "addictive and immersive technologies". MPs quizzed lawyers and marketing executives in a strained, occasionally hostile meeting, touching on subjects like age verification and loot boxes.
>> Paraphrasing Samuel L. Jackson: "Motherf*ckers!".

Insurgency: Sandstorm is free for the weekend on Steam
Insurgency: Sandstorm, the eerily realistic military shooter, is hosting a free weekend on Steam, and it starts today. It's not the most relaxing way to spend your weekend, but Sandstorm's one of the best multiplayer shooters around, especially in co-op.

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