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Let's go with the news:


Steam has two new daily deals and 4 Midweek Madness deals:

On the Humble Store, They Are Billions is 10% off for the next 20 days: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/they-are-billions

At Fanatical there are three new deals:




You can now play Mass Effect 2 in first-person mode thanks to this amazing mod
Mass Effect 2 is considered by many as the magnum opus of the entire franchise, and today we’ve got some great news for all Mass Effect 2 PC fans out there. Modder ‘LordEmil1’ has just released a mode that lets you experience the game from a completely different perspective, as it enables a first-person mode when you are exploring the game’s environments.
This first-person mod for Mass Effect 2 does not change the combat perspective (the game automatically switches to third-person mode when you are in combat) and is completely compatible with all the conversations (as they are using multiple different perspectives throughout the game).
>> Get this mod from Nexus Mods.

Fifth progress update video and pre-alpha gameplay from the Half Life 3 fan game, Project Borealis
The Project Borealis Team – the fan project developing a third Half-Life 2 episode based on the Epistle 3 script published by Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw – have released their fifth development update. The update features information on the team’s level design process, including a first look at maps from the game, as well as the latest progress on core gameplay.

Fallout: New California is one update away from leaving beta
Fallout: New California, previously Project Brazil, is one of the best mods for Fallout: New Vegas, and it's now on the last leg of its journey through beta. The unofficial prequel has been in development for about eight years, while the beta launched last November. We've not heard much from it since, but last week it received its first update in seven months, along with news that there's only one more to go before it hits 1.0.
Modder Thaiauxn calls beta 221 "the version I wish we'd released with", and it squashes a large list of bugs, introduces new side quests, promises more rewards for exploration and there's a new installer that sets it up for you. Some players apparently had issues with downloading the 4GB beta patch and mod managers have trouble with the file size, so the new installer should hopefully solve those problems.
>> Get it from ModDB.


First RAGE 2 update released, is 8GB in size, fixes crashes, makes Bandit Camps replayable and more
Bethesda has released the first major update for RAGE 2. This patch will update your game’s version to 1.03, is 8GB in size, new features, fixes, as well as optimizations. Going into more details, this patch makes Bandit Camps replayable, adds new Voice Packs, and brings menu optimization improvements to address some slowdown issues.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be using photogrammetry
Last month, we informed you about Call of Duty: Modern warfare featuring a new engine and supporting DirectX Ray Tracing. And today we are happy to report that this soft reboot of the Modern Warfare series will be also taking advantage of Photogrammetry.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 4K Screenshots Gallery on Epic/Max Settings
505 Games has just released Koji Igarashi’s exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. This game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and we’ve decided to capture some screenshots in 4K on the Epic/Max settings and share them with you.

Destroy All Humans! – Remake versus Original graphics video comparison
YouTube’s ‘Mr arne’ has shared a comparison video between the original and the upcoming remake version of Destroy All Humans!. In this video, Mr arne basically compares a cut-scene in order to showcase the graphical improvements that Black Forest Games has made to the remake.

Anthem patch 1.2.1 released, improves matchmaking, features UI, Cosmetic & Combat fixes
Electronic Arts and Bioware have released a new patch for their online looter shooter, Anthem. According to the release notes, this patch fixes a bug that would sometimes cause characters and enemies to appear frozen after the frozen effect had worn off.

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