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Games already drop into that price range decently fast (Nintendo being the exception). Unless that means games would fall to ~20 instead.
I preffer the way it is, and I think it's better for them too.
Having a lower enter price brings more people to their systems which brings more sales to the games there, increasing the enter price with raising the consoles price considerably would take away people from their platform.
They would be profiting a lot with each console unit sold but be completely dependant on it.
Consoles get a lot cheaper to make down the road and they end up profiting in both ways during the generation, more people into their console also means more services to be sold, aside of just games. (Like PS+)
On our consumer side, it would take too much of an investment to even get into it. At least here and Brazil you know the prices as already quite prohibitive, increasing that a lot means people stay longer on older gen, which also means they will be buying games cheaper by default too, not needing them to release for cheaper.