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EricHiggin said:
DonFerrari said:

I don't know how we gone from possibly having monthly payment to having 10 different HW and 10 different payment.

It isn't about others paying the cost of the SW for me, it is about platform holder not getting royalties because they already picked up. Myself I buy 90% of my games when they are 10-20 bucks so this wouldn't benefit me.

Well when you start at a single larger one time payment, then allow for monthly payments, why not more, and why stop at payments?

You say that at the end of your initial post, that you would have and prefer the upfront money and mention you think it could have a bad effect even if you preferred this model. How does this not benefit you, or do you want the gaming industry to work against you?

Because it isn't because you have 2 options that you would end up having 100. Tests usually have written answer, True or False, 5 options... why not make one that for each question you have 50 options them?

Yes I would prefer the upfront, and asked what others would prefer. Of course it could have a bad effect or could have a good effect, it isn't something we can be certain what would end up being, it depends a lot on the marketing and how to show value to customers.

Most of the things I defend aren't to directly benefit me. I'm in a position that more government protectionism and intervention would probably benefit me individually, but from my knowledge the overall result for society is worse than free market. So I defend minimum government and taxes even if for me that would probably end up in worse situation than today. The thing is I'm well enough, stronger and smarter than average so I can couple and adapt to the bad stuff government do, but a very big portion of the people aren't and they shouldn't be suffering from the leeches at the government.

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