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Do you have a videogame company that you used to be a fan of, but don't like anymore? Guess what? In this thread you are now president of that company. Steer them back to the greatness that once was!

I'll go first...

1. Reboot Fable. Make a new game just called Fable Legends, which starts the series over gain. Remaster Fable I and II for PC/XB1.  

2. Get Rare to make Banjo 3. 

3. Just release your Microsoft studio games on Steam. Nobody cares about the windows store. 

4. Make Killer Instinct into a fighting game, that you can actually buy complete on day 1. No more of these greedy DLC packs. 

5. Heavily court Japanese publishers/developers so that games like Nioh, Neir Automata, Ni No Kuni 2, etc. don't get delayed or not released on XB1. 

6. Release your games in a finished state. 

7. Give XB1 some mouse/keyboard functionality, and allow RTS/4X games to be published to XB1. 

8. Contact From Software and bring back Chromehounds. 

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