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gtotheunit91 said:
dx11332sega said:

Is this for high end PC ?Total war:Three kingdoms ?

Definitely! The Total War games are very CPU heavy because there's so much to render, then having a good enough GPU to boost up the level of detail, resolution, and you should be able to get a solid 60fps, hopefully. 

I haven't upgraded my PC because games like these I'm not interested which is why I still buy Xbox consoles and have a average PC . I think PC gamers wished they had another graphical showcase game like crisis again ? Which back then a 720p ps3 game like god of war 3 looks better than this game image here . Sony exclusives are just amazing to look at . I remember many natively 1080p PC players were jealous of GOD of war 3 . With PS5 looming Last of us 2 will probably still make PC gamers jealous since PC don't have devs of such magnitude for graphics . I don't see PC ever beating Sony in that space vs the weaker PS5 ? or maybe they will?But yeah, I I'm just never upgrading I think we need another crisis exclusive PC game ?

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