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dx11332sega said:
gtotheunit91 said:
Dude, once you've experienced high resolution, high framerates, and ultra settings set on games that consoles can't begin to dream of, you can never go back. Plus a lot of people like to play on PC due to the ability of customizing how the game looks and plays. I don't play Fortnite, but my brother-in-law does, and he loves the ability to turn off shadows that you can't do on console, and apparently gives a huge advantage? If you're looking for first party AAA PC games, you're right, they're few and far between. It's mainly going to be strategy and MMORPG's that are exclusive to PC like the Total War series (which you need high-end hardware to run those games), WoW, any Paradox Interactive games, plus a lot of indie games make it to PC primarily. But many mainly go to PC for the best gaming experience possible. Well, as long as your budget allows it lol

Is this for high end PC ?Total war:Three kingdoms ?

Definitely! The Total War games are very CPU heavy because there's so much to render, then having a good enough GPU to boost up the level of detail, resolution, and you should be able to get a solid 60fps, hopefully.