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potato_hamster said:
It's quite simple, really. EA doesn't hate Nintendo. In fact far from it. I had the opportunity to spend a few months working with teams at EA Canada. It's physically one of the biggest game studios in the world. There were statues, arcade machines, all kinds of things all over that campus, but one thing that always stood out to me was the plaque on the wall commemorating the time Miyamoto came to visit. That was a huge deal to them. EA has huge respect for Nintendo, make no mistake about it. But they respect their shareholders even more.

The reason EA doesn't invest more heavily in Nintendo platforms is very very simple. Money. EA games on Nintendo's platform don't give an adequate return on investment. Full Stop. WHen a new platform comes out, they test the water,, normally with a FIFA title and see how it sells. From there they branch out into Madden, Need for Speed, Sims, NHL etc. The first FIFA title sold well enough to warrant another FIFA title, but not well enough to warrant other titles. That second FIFA didn't sell well enough for EA to do anything other than pull the plug on putting their larger titles on the Switch. That's all there is to it.

Are they really so averse to dissapointing retuns (not even losses, just dissapointing profits)? You'd think risk-reward is a principle most people have a decent grasp on. Is it really worth it for EA to have such all or nothing approach, instead of a safer but less profitable one?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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