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As much as I hate EA they do have a reason I can understand. They like to say if you make a box, we just can't expect them to support it. It has to be similar to the other current platforms to where they don't have to do too much extra work.That's why even now they don't even do handheld stuff like they used to. EA used to be the whores of the gaming industry, they'd take development on anything. But now they're razor focused on profit.

The Tegra X1 chip is amazing for a mobile chip, but it's still ARM based and the GPU trails the PS4 and Xbox 1 considerably. So I don't expect them to support Nintendo Switch to the best of their ability. But at the end of the day I couldn't give a damn about EA's software so it doesn't bother me and it must not bother them much to treat Switch as a legacy console already.