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I dunno whether or not to bet. I don't want to loose any coins lol. I originally have always thought 2020 would be peak sales, but I have thought deeper into this and started to question if it could be 2019. The thought of loosing coins has made me focus harder lol.

Half of me is saying 2020 cos the sales are still showing no signs in peaking yet. The Next PS5 and Xbox Scarlett won't be out till (probably) November 2020, so the Switch will continue to sell the most its ever sold (in terms of same months from previous years) from January 2020 to end of October 2020. Also Animal Crossing & the Switch's large game-library will drive it's hardware sales throughout 2020.

But the other half of me is saying Pokemon Sword/Shield will be out Christmas 2019 which will drive Switch sales massively over 2019's Christmas period like no other holiday season in the Switch's history. Whereas the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be out in Christmas 2020 and they could eat into the Switch's potential sales over the 2020 November/December period where holiday sales are the most vital.

I think Switch sales will peak between Nov-Dec 2019, and also in Jan-Oct 2020 (in terms of same month from other years). So it's a question on what months have the most influence over console sales- Nov-Dec Vs Jan-Oct. 
Because Nov-Dec console sales are typically larger than January-October sales, I might vote 2019. But I want to vote 2020 cos I really love Nintendo.

...I will think about this more before I vote any coins.

I have a feeling that the Switch will sell (on average) 200,000 more per month in Jan-Oct 2020, compared to Jan-Oct 2020, and therefore sell 2 million more in Jan-Oct 2020 compared to Jan-Oct 2019. So if the Switch's sales drop more than 2 million in Nov/Dec 2020 compared to Nov-December 2019 then the Switch won't sell as much in 2020 compared to 2019.
So I'm now on the fence of 2019 winning, but im close to the fence as the Switch's 2020 sales could still depend on what currently-unannounced exclusives Nintendo may release in 2020, and if new Switch model released in 2019 or 2020 (and how expensive the new PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be on initial release too lol).

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