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CaptainExplosion said:
Immersiveunreality said:

Yes indeed,it is cute you tie those two whole different things together.

They're not totally different. Both were war crimes that cost the lives of civilians, and since Russia's in Syria that means Putin gets to help Assad gas his own people even more.

Ergo, Putin is a war criminal just like Assad, so you can't say he's helping the actual civilians.

TallSilhouette said:

Trump blames the impending market crash not on tax cuts or trade wars, but on the chance of him losing re-election.

"Waa!! Democwats and poor people don't wike my tax cuts for the wich, oh my aiding in wawcwimes in Afwica, oh my cowusion with Wussia!! Waa!!"

He is not in bed with Amerika/Canada that's for sure and those two"freedom fighters" are not innocent of war crimes themselves but it is convenient they can use the hysteria on Russia in media,proof is also not needed but just enough headlines and parroting.

But be happy that besides the victim civilians from mistakes and warcrimes from soldiers there are also civilians being helped,it would be fairly illogical to think that Putin would actively target civilians that aren't rebels turning rogue.

Second bolded: That made me laugh but i do not know if that attitude will help you in getting the point across.