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mZuzek said:

psychicscubadiver said:

I will because I hope/expect Cadence to fix some of the things that I feel really holds back Crypt. Unfortunately attacks are still mapped to the movement buttons when I really think it should be it's own dedicated button. However, having permanent upgrades other than health will be very important. The starting dagger is trash and even after wiping out every bonus item possible I still get runs where I don't get a decent weapon until the third level. Also it looks like healing will be much more common in Cadence where it was a massive pain in the ass in Crypt.

I've made it to the fifth dungeon because the music is that good and it's easy to pick up whenever, but it is a very flawed game in my opinion and I've got no problem moving to a superior sequel before finishing.

Damn, really not a fan, are you? I have to disagree on the attacking part, I think it being tied to movement is very intuitive and helps keep the gameplay simple enough. And about the starting dagger being bad, well, it's the basic weapon you're supposed to learn how to play the game with. But beyond that, you can always start a run with a better weapon as long as you have enough diamonds and have unlocked the glass key NPC in Area 2. So, there.

I have a love-hate relationship with the game. The core gameplay is compelling enough that I keep returning, but the problems I have with it make me quit 2-3 hours after I pick it up again. I must strongly disagree about the movement being the same as the attack being intuitive or good. No other game I've played has combined them into a single button and you have to depend circumstances being correct to trigger the weapon instead of movement. I've jumped into an enemy's attack when I wanted to swing my sword one too many times to be anything but annoyed. I had never unlocked that guy so if that will really fix only getting the starting dagger then I'll unlock him post haste.