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Bristow9091 said:
I'd still love to have some numbers shared... although if we can find a list of Sony's best selling games, we may also be able to find data for whatever is in 6th and 8th place, to give us a rough idea as to the numbers.

Either way it's great news for Sony Bend, and despite what reviews have said, a ton of players seem to love it... it was definitely an ambitious project for them considering their previous work, so yeah, nice to see it pay off!

Funny thing about the reviews is that it was very much a love it or hate it kinda game. 35 reviewers gave it an 8 or better. About the same amount gave it lower than a seven. Around 20 reviews gave it somewhere in the 7's. A lot of the reviewers scoring it lower than a 7 were very harsh giving it it a 6 or a 5. 

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