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Immersiveunreality said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Even though Russian backed Ukraine rebels gladly shot down MH17.

Yes indeed,it is cute you tie those two whole different things together.

They're not totally different. Both were war crimes that cost the lives of civilians, and since Russia's in Syria that means Putin gets to help Assad gas his own people even more.

Ergo, Putin is a war criminal just like Assad, so you can't say he's helping the actual civilians.

TallSilhouette said:

Trump blames the impending market crash not on tax cuts or trade wars, but on the chance of him losing re-election.

"Waa!! Democwats and poor people don't wike my tax cuts for the wich, oh my aiding in wawcwimes in Afwica, oh my cowusion with Wussia!! Waa!!"

Some days I just blow up.