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drkohler said:
BraLoD said:

If a new home console releases with multiple skus simultaneously, the stronger will be the one counted.

No it won't. This gen, a 0.5TFlop (1.8 vs 1.3) difference made a noticeable difference in the end. With next gen, a 0.5TF difference will be almost unnoticeable (don't expect a higher difference than 0.5-1TFlop, as both fight within the same power envelope). If/when both consoles are around 10TFlop (of "Navi - TFlops"), a few % difference just doesn't cut it.

It will boil down to "Who shouts louder?" and who has the better exclusives.

Are you sure you quoted the right post/part of post?

What you quoted and what you wrote don't see to have any connection.