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Dulfite said:
Within like five years I've gone from 100% physical to 100% digital. The convenience of it destroyed any sort of nostalgia I had for the old ways. I have no desire to have to carry around games or boxes of games ever again.

Do you spend most of your time playing away from home or something?

As for me, none of my games leave the living room anymore. And except for Halo's multiplayer, I pretty much play nothing but single-player games (even in fighting and racing games, I always play against the computer). If I do happen to play over at a friend's house, they usually have the same games I do. If not, well, I never felt it was a chore carrying around a single game with me. I used to play Halo CE LANs at friends' houses all the time back in the early to mid 00s, with all the requisite hauling around of my Xbox, its controllers, and my copy of Halo, and I never thought "How inconvenient." Now that changing life circumstances for my and my friends have made LANs a thing of the past, that's no longer a concern, and I do pretty much all my gaming at home.