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CaptainExplosion said:
curl-6 said:

If I had to rank them, I guess it'd go like;

1. Bioshock

2. Halo CE

3. Halo 2

4. COD World at War

5. COD Modern Warfare

Possibly unpopular opinion; as great as the 2000s were, I actually think the 2010s might end up being better in terms of FPS games by the time they end at the close of this year, once Doom Eternal is out.

YEAH!! *revs chainsaw for monster killing fun time*

Damn right.

I mean if I were to insert Doom 2016 into this list I'd frankly rate it above all of them except Bioshock. Obviously its nowhere near as revolutionary as Halo, but I just find it more fun, and Eternal looks to be a case of "more of the same, but better." Then there's Bioshock Infinite & 2, Halo Reach & 4, Wolfenstein New Order & New Colossus, the 2010 Goldeneye Wiimake, Black Ops 2...