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Possible, especially that Animal crossing is coming out pretty much the very last day of this FY. Combined with all the other stuff we'll get (certainly another Pokemon title, for starters, Bayonetta 3 most probably, and the rest will will slowly get announced over the next months and year)

Soundwave said:
2020's focus also, hate to say it in the gaming world will be the PS5/XB2 launches, they're the new systems, they will get the lion's share of attention. Particularly the PS5 as it is the successor to the market leading platform.

Switch launch didn't hinder the PS4 to get it's best year. So that's pretty much debunked. Especially if they would do as well as the PS3 announcement...

Also, their launch is at the tail end of the year, and as such, not going to hinder Nintendo sales very much for the yearly sales.