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The art and visuals are beautiful. Tifa looks perfect, her best in-game model to date imo. Combat system seems fairly promising but I'm not sure if it's gonna be executed well enough.

Voice acting is embarrassing as expected, sounds nothing like those cool Final Fantasy XIV expansion trailers. Japanese voices would be just as annoying in-battle, so I hope Square give us the option to specifically silence them during combat, as well as the option to use the original soundtracks. One of the things that made old school Final Fantasy games more fun than the sum of their parts, is how the defined/clear music synchronized with your dancing fingers (it was especially engaging when you're doing a handicap run that forces you to be tactical and versatile, as opposed to grindy runs that leave you mashing the same attack.). That rhythmic effect is completely gone with the flowing/unclear orchestral score, and I've grown allergic to characters throwing smart remarks and making exaggerated noises with every goddamn attack. I can't wait to shut them the hell up!!

As far as fast-paced reflex-based action, GOTG contender Sekiro spoiled me badly :(