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Is that Honey Bee Inn image real? Please tell me it's real.

I still have massive reservations for obvious reasons but if they keep to the comedy of FF7, then they'll have restored some of them. There is so much comedy in FF7 that I fear we'd lose because of modern serious SquEnix.

I really miss FF games. When is 16 coming? Sorry, I mean when is 16 coming where it has ATB and not some button mashing bullcrap?

AbbathTheGrim said:

That is why I said "it seems" because they still could have it in the game. But we indeed got no victory fanfare in those trailers, so we can consider the possibility there won't be any.

FF12 lacked it for the most part too, as that was an open exploration/battle as well. They did however add it at the end of larger bosses or summon kills so I can see them adding it for bosses in this at least.

Hmm, pie.