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I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but....

FFVII has the potential to become the greatest video game of all-time all over again for me. Just like it was back in 1997 until FFVIII came out.
I mean, the nostalgia is SO REAL with this one. I think I might seriously flip out when I first start playing this.
Everything looks totally 1:1 identical with the original one. I saw shots of Aerith's house and BOOM instantly recognized it. They're nailing it to a tea. Seems Square is actually trying really hard to make this a masterpiece, because that's exactly the kind of vibes I'm getting from the E3 presentation. This game feels larger than life. Can't even imagine what the world map is going to look like, ohhhh geez...the hype is just too much this time. I really gotta go out of the way in order to try and stop thinking about this game....

Potentially gonna create an earthquake when it arrives!

"The Path of Excess leads to the tower of Wisdom."