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twintail said:
What a dumb take.

That said, i do think MS's Scarlett info drop looked silly after Sony's PS5 announcement. I'd wager the next gen conversation is with Sony atm.

Personally, I agree with the take.  Sony will see more buzz and sales this year than MS, even though they didn't show up to E3.  There are many more ways to reach your consumers now.

I do agree with your last statement, though.  MS just repeated the same info Sony did, but put on an expensive E3 show to do it.  It all just seemed like they were playing catch up, again.  The reveal vid wasn't the greatest, either. Just compare it to the PS4 reveal trailer, which went viral for like a week or so, and now has over 35M views.  It's been two days and the Scarlett reveal trailer is at 1.39M views.  Not generating much hype with that one.

If they wanted to wow people, it should have been a full reveal.  I mean, what do they have to lose.  XBO sales are in the crapper, even with it being effectively $199.  They might as well get people pumped for next gen.  I still think it's odd they didn't at least announce the Tflops, like they did with the X.  My guess is they aren't 100% sure they are beating Sony next gen.

JRPGfan said:
Azzanation said:

I think alot of you dont understand the importance of marketing and publicly. Cyberpunk has just been heavily marketed on X1 which is generating buzz for Xbox not PS4 eithen through we know its coming to PS4. The fact Sony wasnt there to show it off benefits there opposition, just like how Destiny and COD were marketed for PS4.
FF7 is also coming to other platforms same as Cyberpunk so if thats a win for Sony than its a win for PC since thats getting everything aswell.

Of course Sony are going to announce system sales etc. Heck Xboxs event was finished days ago and there still making announcements like that.

I think this entire thread is reaching thinking Square a company Sony doesnt own and FF7 a game Sony doesnt own or make is a win. Not being at E3 would be due to other reasons.

5o say Sony has a great E3 showing because of Square is.. well facepalming in my book.

Yeah but since its timed exclusive, theres gonna be a half-year to a year wait before you ll see it other places.

And I bet Cyberpunk still ends up selling twice as much on playstation 4, as it does on xbox one.
also cyberpunk isnt a timed exclusive to xbox, it ll release day and date along side the PS4 version.

The same isnt true for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, so its not "the same" situtation, as you claimed above.

This.  Really, I can't recall the last time MS paying for advertising actually helped them sell more copies than the PS4.  Or really boost HW sales all that much either.