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Tbh, I don't think anyone did, at least for me.

PC had a tiny list of games I was interested in, the rest being EGS exclusive, so that bummed me out quite a bit.

Nintendo had Zelda, which I want to buy in Sept for sure, but AC's delay to next yr crushed me big time. That Machina game I wanna grab as well, but that's honestly about it. The new Pokemon isn't grabbing me, as I was more or less getting fed up with the way Pokemon was heading since Sun.Moon. The rest of Ninty's IP's just don't appeal to me at all, with any other games being shown, to also be released on PC, so I'd get those other indie games there and not count them towards Nintendo itself (as they don't own those indie devs showing said games).

MS kinda had me with Age of Empires and Halo coming to Steam, but I already knew one of the two was coming. The new Client is nice, but I want mod support and for it not to be completely centered around just gamepass, and let me buy a game standalone like I can anywhere else. The gamepass idea sounds nice, but I'm already paying for bills, insurance, food, and Amazon prime and ESO sub, I'm not going to pay for another sub plan, because they frankly just add up.

Bethesda wasn't really doing anything for me, besides my original decision to grab DOOM and Wolf regardless, so anything else shown wasn't really doing much for me at all, except maybe that Ghost Wire game, but I'd have to look more into that. If the game turns out to be yet another Souls inspired game, then I'm out.

EA I just ignored as usual, except for seeing a brief clip of the SW game, which looked bland and boring, as well as linear as hell.

Ubisoft I outright ignored, due to the EGS crap and seeing how they rolled, I've missed on nothing I wasn't interested in.

Didn't really pay any attention to SE, but saw a few screens of FF remake on twitter. Won't really be interested until it's sold as a complete game on PC (and I know SE will). FF 8 remaster looks alright from what I've seen shots of (again, on twitter). SE didn't really do much to get my hopes up for much of anything.

Didn't watch AMD's show, but going by their GPU details, I don't think I'm missing much, nor caring much for it either.

PC E3 I ignored and strictly kept an eye on announcements, via another party that was watching the conference, as I didn't want to give PCgamer the clicks on their site. I have seen from a friend on Twitter, that the vids that show EGS exclusive games, have all been negatively downvoted, vs the ones that aren't exclusive, that are upvoted, so that's enough to tell what's going on over there. The Shem debacle has really blown up and PCgamer has been trying to defend the devs and EGS as per usual, so nothing new there. Wasn't interested in that game, but fuck the devs for being so scummy and withholding refunds. PCgamer show was more or less a complete letdown for me, far worse than last year and this year alone shows that I can never trust a dev for eyars to come due to EGS debacles.

Really, this year's E3 was more or less a shitshow for me. Yeah, there's the odd few games I am thrilled to buy, like Zelda and Planet Zoo, but really, that's about it for me, because the rest are looking at 2020 release dates, and even then, I don't know if Epic Games will swoop in next year, and pull some shady shit and make them 2021 releases instead, meaning my hype would die and my desire to blacklist those devs becoming more of a thing.

Excited for a few games, disappointed in devs and generally these year long release dates.

Please, is it so hard to just keep ones mouth shut and just announce a game's release, near to 6 months and not 11 to a year?.