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JRPGfan said:

Yeah but since its timed exclusive, theres gonna be a half-year to a year wait before you ll see it other places.

And I bet Cyberpunk still ends up selling twice as much on playstation 4, as it does on xbox one.
also cyberpunk isnt a timed exclusive to xbox, it ll release day and date along side the PS4 version.

The same isnt true for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, so its not "the same" situtation, as you claimed above.

Its definity great having FF7 on your platform as its a legendary game however a timed exclusive on a game sold in parts isnt exactly a bad thing for there competitors either as once its released somewhere else, they will advertise it as the full game etc.

Cyberpunk will sell more on PS4 because of the sheer bigger userbase however marketing can do wonders and considering Cyberpunk will continue to be advistised as the superior choice on X is a good backing for a game like that.

Squars conference was great and ill rate it 2nd best under Nintendos showing since that was my personal favourite.