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Nintendo's got a stacked 2019 so far. But one thing I was disappointed about during the E3 Direct, was the lack of actual "New" game announcements from Nintendo themselves. The biggest release that was originally for 2019, was pushed back to March, and the only thing new was a teaser for a BotW sequel. To me this doesn't really add up since according to Emily from ResetERA, there's at least a few more first party games for 2019 Nintendo has yet to reveal. Knowing Nintendo, they don't need E3 to announce all their games, so the stuff that wasn't shown is either being held back from announcement due to not being E3 worthy (things like Digital titles, Labo, ports, etc.) or some of them is slipping to 2020, leaving them to be shown off at a later date. I'm wondering when Nintendo will show the rest of their hand for the year October-December look pretty light on releases so far, so that might be a good opportunity to bolster them a bit. And I predict another Labo Kit will be arriving very soon, perhaps August.

Like I said, I think Nintendo now only views E3 as a place for their big guns only, so that's probably explains the lack of new announcements despite there still being unannounced 2019 games